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New alpha version available (build #17) (2012/12/08)

New version is available, adding dynamic shadows to point lights, weapon recoil, updates to Central map and other improvements and bug fixes.

We now also have the ability to download custom content when joining a server, and there is already one community map available by Leiche. You can test it by joining the community server and using map vote to choose the map.

Build #17 2012/12/08 (public alpha):
- Added dynamic shadows to point lights
- Fixed garbled texturing of some polygons on player model
- Improved dynamic weapon movement
- Added weapon recoil
- Adjusted weapon fire positions
- Slowed down fire rate for SMG weapon
- Added server configuration file
- Added support for downloading custom maps when connecting to server
- Lowered volume of footsteps when walking crouched or aimed
- Added displaying of player name who killed you
- Fixed loading of controls from config file
- Updated Central map

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New alpha version available (build #16) (2012/11/14)

New version is available, introducing three new maps, improved leaning, server browser and other improvements and bug fixes.

The biggest news is however that since this year we're now two people team, both dedicated to this game. This is a big boost to development of Resistance Force. BirthNight is audio/music guy primarily but fell love into mapping, modelling and many other things. This allows me to focus more on the game core and together making assets faster and better.

Build #16 2012/11/13 (public alpha):
- Added 3 new maps
- Fixed reloading animation
- Added dynamic weapon movement when moving mouse
- Improved leaning
- Added correct penumbra for dynamic shadows
- Removed tips
- Added server browser
- Added ability to call vote (for map change)
- Fixed head triangles that were popping into view sometimes
- Fixed visible floating weapon at origin when player connects
- Added 64bit binaries for Linux (also fixes problem with ATI drivers)

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Resistance Force Map Editor is now available (2011/12/10)

Map editor is now available for pre-orderers. It contains two tools: the map editor itself and composite texture editor. Both are available for all three platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).

Map editor uses brushes as main geometry along with ability to place models into the map. It works with hierarchy of groups and other powerful blocks, such as duplicators (great for stairs and other repeated things), prefabs and placement tool where physics engine is used to place things precisely on each other.

Composite texture editor is for editing detailed textures that can span over big areas (mostly useful to terrains). You can read more about it here.

To obtain the editor you have to pre-order the game and send me e-mail or contact me through IRC on QuakeNet (#resforce channel), you can also use the Chat page. Provide e-mail you used for pre-order or other proof of purchase (eg. PayPal receipt).

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New alpha version available (build #15) (2010/12/30)

New version is available, most notable changes are: improved player model, added bullet spread and multiple damage zones to players, moved ragdoll computation from client to server so everyone sees the same death animation and there is less resources needed for players with lowend hardware.

There is known performance degradation when dynamic shadows are enabled, this will be fixed in next release.

Build #15 2010/12/29 (public alpha):
- Removed usage of float textures
- Moved ragdoll computation from client to server
- Improved netcode robustness when there is little packet loss
- Fixed problem with players occasionally jumping very high and then dying
- Added occlusion queries for dynamic models
- Added support for detail textures
- Improved ambient lighting in regard to normalmaps
- Improved player model
- Enhanced map a bit
- Added bullet spread when firing
- Added multiple damage zones to players
- Increased bomb explosion delay from 40s to 45s
- Allow players to roam on server when there is no player in opposite team

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New alpha version available (build #14) (2010/06/11)

New version is available, most work went into adding major features into the engine (static meshes, composite texture, material system, normalmaps) and optimizations. On the game side the current map was enhanced, initial set of detail meshes was added and there is a new gun available.

This release is another big milestone in development of Resistance Force, as the engine is now capable of all basic stuff needed to create content. The focus is already shifting from engine, tools and game programming to content creation, thus accelerating the speed of development of Resistance Force.

Previously the engine didn't support static meshes at all, which was very limiting. Composite texture allows detailed texturing of large areas (terrains), material system and normalmaps allow good visual effects and most importantly it allows to use much lower number of polygons in models while retaining high quality.

Build #14 2010/06/11 (public alpha):
- Renderer optimizations (with shadows disabled)
- Fixed problem with rapidly decreasing FPS with more players
- Added support for static meshes
- Added support for composite texture
- Added material system
- Added support for normalmaps
- Added tips
- Enhanced map
- Added some detail models to map
- Improved chat dialog
- Team chat is now more apparent
- Improved collision detection for objects with higher velocity
- Increased grenade explosion delay from 2.5s to 3.75s
- Increased bomb explosion delay from 30s to 40s
- Added selection of textures quality
- Added new weapon
- Improved bomb defusing

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New alpha version available (build #13) (2010/01/01)

New version is available: it brings explosive grenades to the arsenal among with many bug fixes and small features. There is no need to manually apply this update, just run the game and it will be auto-downloaded.

Hopefully this version will also fix problem with players testing the game, but each one coming at different time to the server. So many people couldn't test the game. The solution is in defining certain hours so players can gather easier. I've defined 16:00 and 20:00 CET, you can also try to join server at beginning of each hour. This is also presented directly in the game when no one is on the server.

Build #13 2010/01/01 (public alpha):
- Fixed crashing on some video cards
- Disabled initialization of display/sound in dedicated server
- Fixed crashing of server when bad packet arrives
- Shortened prepare time from 12 to 8 seconds
- Added better logging of player connects/renames/disconnects
- Fixed footstep sounds for other players
- Added notification of team change
- Added support for colors in message list
- Added team chat
- Added ability to move just by tiny amount when short tapping the movement keys
- Added invert mouse option
- Added vsync and FPS limiter options
- Fixed occasional death when falling from top of stairs
- Added unlimited number of magazines to engine test
- Added explosive grenades
- Bomb explosion now causes death
- Added notice when no people are playing
- Added ability to start running from crouching, also fixed crouch toggle

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Public alpha version released (2009/11/19)

Public alpha version of this game was just released, also the website is now open. This game is in development for over two years and we're glad to finally present you a fully playable albeit limited version of this game. No information about this game was published until this point because we wanted to present you something you can already enjoy and not wait years to finish and then be possibly disappointed.

It's also a great milestone for development because fully playable game means a lot. It means it can be incrementally enhanced and these individual enhancements can be delivered to players in short time.

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