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New alpha version available (build #16) (2012/11/14)

New version is available, introducing three new maps, improved leaning, server browser and other improvements and bug fixes.

The biggest news is however that since this year we're now two people team, both dedicated to this game. This is a big boost to development of Resistance Force. BirthNight is audio/music guy primarily but fell love into mapping, modelling and many other things. This allows me to focus more on the game core and together making assets faster and better.

Build #16 2012/11/13 (public alpha):
- Added 3 new maps
- Fixed reloading animation
- Added dynamic weapon movement when moving mouse
- Improved leaning
- Added correct penumbra for dynamic shadows
- Removed tips
- Added server browser
- Added ability to call vote (for map change)
- Fixed head triangles that were popping into view sometimes
- Fixed visible floating weapon at origin when player connects
- Added 64bit binaries for Linux (also fixes problem with ATI drivers)


1. blender (2012/12/03 09:33)
I was a bit afraid that the project had gone to halt, so I'm very pleased to see this update. I'll try the Linux version in a few weeks, when I get the chance.

It's nice to see that you have basically the whole game running there. It looks graphically ok, but a bit dull. That's reasonable, as I realize that there's so much stuff to implement for this kind of a game. I would think that some sort of multitexturing could help to create variety.

2. Giancarlo Maiano (2019/09/28 16:34)
Solo per uso personale

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