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New alpha version available (build #15) (2010/12/30)

New version is available, most notable changes are: improved player model, added bullet spread and multiple damage zones to players, moved ragdoll computation from client to server so everyone sees the same death animation and there is less resources needed for players with lowend hardware.

There is known performance degradation when dynamic shadows are enabled, this will be fixed in next release.

Build #15 2010/12/29 (public alpha):
- Removed usage of float textures
- Moved ragdoll computation from client to server
- Improved netcode robustness when there is little packet loss
- Fixed problem with players occasionally jumping very high and then dying
- Added occlusion queries for dynamic models
- Added support for detail textures
- Improved ambient lighting in regard to normalmaps
- Improved player model
- Enhanced map a bit
- Added bullet spread when firing
- Added multiple damage zones to players
- Increased bomb explosion delay from 40s to 45s
- Allow players to roam on server when there is no player in opposite team


1. Nytek (2011/01/05 18:04)
Great games!!!

2. blender (2011/01/06 15:44)
Excellent work! I have been following the development of this project eagerly and the new version looks and feels superb. I like the "clean" graphical design, especially with the player models. Are you planning on adding some novel kind of gameplay in the future instead of the old fashioned bomb plant/disarm?

3. jezek2 (2011/01/06 16:34)
Thanks :)

There are some vague ideas of additional gameplay modes with various levels of issues, it's really hard to come up with something new and enjoyable and fit the theme and overall 'mood' of the game. Maybe some day something emerges :)

4. izograf (2011/07/15 01:19)
super games

5. Sam (2011/10/01 13:15)
Update this fregin game

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