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Public alpha version released (2009/11/19)

Public alpha version of this game was just released, also the website is now open. This game is in development for over two years and we're glad to finally present you a fully playable albeit limited version of this game. No information about this game was published until this point because we wanted to present you something you can already enjoy and not wait years to finish and then be possibly disappointed.

It's also a great milestone for development because fully playable game means a lot. It means it can be incrementally enhanced and these individual enhancements can be delivered to players in short time.


1. DzzD (2009/11/25 18:43)
excellent, this is more like a simulation (more realistic gameplay) than other FPS I meet, I love it !

2. Puska (2009/11/26 22:25)
Nice, keep up the good work :)

3. NoiR# (2009/11/27 17:35)
our last hope :D
good job its looking good for the beginning..keep working on it.

4. WingZero (2009/11/27 18:16)
Good job, very fun game to play lol

5. DVDR9 (2009/11/27 18:58)
Looking forward to seeing future releases of the game. Definitely try it out.

6. Vengeance (2009/11/27 19:33)
Nice cant wait for more

7. Blokke (2009/11/28 13:38)
Looks fantastic! You really did this by yourself? :D Keep it up, can't wait to see more! :)

8. Uncle Bionic (2009/11/28 18:53)
Great job! Waiting for more.
Check out Team Combats forums and you'll see the wishlist.
That is what people want.

9. Michael (2009/11/30 19:14)
New Mirrors:

Windows: http://www.exp.de/download.php?id=17852
Linux: http://www.exp.de/download.php?id=17853
Mac: http://www.exp.de/download.php?id=17854

10. shaneke (2009/11/30 23:37)
i have a problem whit the game when i want play this say:
javaw.exe aplication problem D:

11. jezek2 (2009/12/01 07:55)
To 10. By shaneke:
Please post bug reports to forum. Can you send me the log? You can use http://pastebin.com/ for sending it.

12. $cr4Tch (2009/12/01 12:24)
nice for a alpha release.
but work more on graphics , they still much "cartoon".

13. $cr4Tch (2009/12/01 12:27)
1 of the strongs points in tce is the skills, if RF team bring the skills of tce to resistence force , the game will be awesome =D

14. Leiche (2009/12/02 11:32)

15. Anddos (2009/12/03 08:54)
Please add riot shields so you can block bullets

16. spykez (2009/12/04 04:54)
wtf is this.....duke mod?

17. salejemaster (2009/12/05 03:16)
when does anyone play? been online 5 times today, no luck

18. Renata Taiapa (2009/12/10 01:51)
is the download broken or somthing cuz i get like 95% then it pops up error

19. Nemizzle (2009/12/18 02:57)
really nice work!

20. unknown (2009/12/22 19:45)
just downloading and found some time to say it looks great and has some really nice features but some questions:
1st: how about a map editor??
2nd: some objective modes planned not just plantin a bomb??lookin to enemy territory for this great step by step objective..this is nice feature that should be brought to this project..
3rd: when you think first final gonna be released??

21. jezek2 (2009/12/22 22:41)
Reply to previous post:
1) editor will be released some time in the future (sometime after reasonably "finishing" the game), I'm looking forward to support custom maps and modding
2) yeah we're thinking about more objective modes, just having bomb planting would be boring
3) I expect to have much better version in months

22. Rand (2009/12/23 09:29)
Mirros Windows: http://www.exp.de/download.php?id=17852 don't work ....

23. lolo (2009/12/28 18:48)
i want's a FAMAS, M4, P90 please.....

24. blender (2010/01/01 13:48)
Looks and feels very nice. I once had a similar 3D engine project with lightmap generating editor and all, but making a complete game started to feel like a job too large. You have a whole playable package going on, so well done!

It's very nice that you support Linux. The game run very well on Ubuntu Jaunty, although sometimes the game just unexpectedly exited/crashed.

Overall the map and texturing is a bit plain and simple, but on the other hand it gives a clear and simulator-like feel to it, which is nice. The ragdoll physics was very impressive. Also the way you mix the dynamic shadows and lightmap shadows seamlessly is very nice. The weapon reload animation came a bit short and was a bit buggy. Realistic and detailed animation can make a huge difference IMHO.

About the game title... Resistance Force sounds a bit, how would I state it... 'made up' or a cliché. Maybe some name that reflects the simulator-like realism and game play better, such as Small arms combat simulator or Close quaters combat... something like that would make more sense to me.

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