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Forum: Technical Support: Crash on Mac os x

2010/01/02 03:20
Hi there, your game look very nice, but i'm getting trouble with starting it, after the update, the game crash without any message.

Macbook pro Snow Leopard 10.6.2
2,53ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
4Gb 1067 Mhz DDR3
2010/01/02 03:22
by the way, maybe i can help you, i am a modeler and a texturer, not an expert, but i'm sure I can help. I also have lots of idea for realistic game.
2010/01/02 08:35
Can you send me the logs? You can obtain them by right clicking on the application bundle, choosing "Show Package Contents" and then navigate to Contents and Resources folders. There should be "logs" folder. Send me the resforce.0.txt, eg. by using pastebin.com
2010/01/02 08:39
As of ideas, you can try to catch me on chat (IRC) to talk about them.

Also read this: http://www.resistanceforce.com/blog/how-to-help-development-voice-actor-needed
2010/01/02 19:02

sound like an error of java and lwjgl
2010/01/02 22:03
It's fixed now, try again. I've accidentally left out the Mac OS X native libraries from update descriptor.
2010/01/02 22:15
Yep, its working now. Just have to wait for peoples getting online. thanks!

I'm "specialized" in realistic texturing, here you can see some of my works :


unfortunately the textures aren't that nice on the render, but I could send you somes picts in jpg or psd. (the whole body of the german soldier is a beauty in 2D, (apart for the head)).
2010/02/23 01:38
I'm seeing nothing but black after the update. Is this the same issue?
2010/02/23 05:24
2010/02/23 10:44
Intel GMA X3100 is unsupported card. Thanks for the log, I'm gathering them so I can potentially adjust the engine to make it startable even on Intel cards.

But the performance of Intel integrated cards is really poor. On Mac, at least 9400M is required (which is performance equivalent of GF 6600GT). For bigger resolutions than 1280x800 even more powerful card is needed.
2010/02/23 19:38
Thanks for the response, I was looking forward to trying it out!


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