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How to help development (voice actor needed) (2009/12/01)

Since the release of alpha version some people asked if I need help with development, mainly with modelling, mapping and stuff like that. The answer is no, surprisingly.

One reason for this is that the tools and engine itself is not yet capable of many things and the options are very limited now. You simply wouldn't be able to deliver that much more than current content because the code needed for it currently doesn't exist or there are still bugs which I carefully avoided for public alpha release.

I work on Resistance Force iteratively, this means I do core things first, eg. basic map, human model with all basic animations and game code needed for that. When there is model and code for everything needed I can enter new iteration and enhance existing stuff to be more detailed, map enlarged, etc. This is not just adding content but also code into engine, game code and also the editor. Everything is very connected and it has nice property of unified look of everything.

Another reason is that I have some vision about things and would like to put basic models and stuff myself so others would see where it's heading. I plan to add modding support in future to allow community to create custom maps, models, etc. But currently it's too early for that.

On the other hand we're seeking voice actor for voice chat feature. This is predefined set of about 30 short messages. If you like the game and you're interested please contact us.

UPDATE 2009/12/02: We've already found voice actor, thanks :)


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