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2020/04/20 01:42
It seems that the servers are down for the game as of right now (April 19, 2020). If this is intended I totally understand because servers can be costly. Anyways, love the game!
2020/04/20 05:09
Hi, thank you for noticing, it has been fixed now. One was glitched out somehow and the other one I was switching some versions to test things and forgot to switch back =)

Also thank you for your interest in this game still. Believe it or not I'm still working on it, I just had some quite a big detour in other project (and this game will benefit greatly from it too) as well as to rethink some technical aspects, though the overall way I've described in the blogs is still valid.
2020/04/20 21:50
Wow! I'm glad to hear the game is still being worked on! I've been playing on and off for years and I find that I keep coming back :)


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