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Forum: Technical Support: Game does not seem to launch on Mac Os

2018/08/22 03:47
Launches fine on my Windows machine. After the updater runs on my Mac, the main game never seems to launch. Not sure how to bug-test.
2018/08/22 04:24
There should be a log in the application bundle in "Contents/Resources/logs".
2018/08/22 18:43
I checked in Contents/Resources, but there was no file or folder called "logs".
2018/08/22 19:59
I've fixed bug with missing jar file for the pre-official Swing GroupLayout code. Not sure why it's needed as it shouldn't be used at all... anyway it proceeds into running the game and creating a log file.

Unfortunatelly it hits some OpenAL related bug for me, basically the same as this report: http://www.resistanceforce.com/forum/2/472

I guess I'll try updating it to the latest LWJGL2.
2018/08/22 20:41
Backported the more robust code for loading of sounds (it will disable the sounds but will proceed without hard error). However now I have some JAWT related bug... it seems that upgrading to latest LWJGL2 could help with that.
2018/08/22 21:44
Upgraded LWJGL2 (for OSX only) and it runs now (without sound).
2018/08/23 06:02
I can confirm that it runs now :)


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