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2011/01/03 20:40
Why did you create your own game engine instead of using a third party engine? This would save you a lot of coding.

Great work by the way! :)
2011/01/04 02:04
With existing engine I couldn't achieve fully my goals, many engines are also not crossplatform or anywhere within my tiny money budget for full source license. I took some different routes for things than in other engines (like renderer, netcode/gamecode specifics). I would have to remake these parts anyway, which would be huge pain to change some complex system written by someone else.

About time, I've spent quite a lot of time on gamecode itself, on engine side I would have to learn other engine APIs (these are quite complex in fullblown engines). Also I already had functional map editor that I started working on since 2005 for different purposes, so when idea of RF was born, it was already there. :)
2011/01/04 02:20
Also most opensource engines are quite bad. Except the commercial ones that were later opensourced, like the Quake engine, which is good (though outdated, the rendering architecture doesn't match "current" GPUs).

The opensource engines are usually done by programmers without any real focus on some concrete game, so they lack real needed features, while they focus on development of features that aren't that much usable in a real game.

However they're great for prototyping and "simpler" games.
2011/01/04 02:54
I'm looking forward to more blog posts from you. Good luck!


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