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Forum: Technical Support: regarding speed (2010_01_01_resforce-alpha)

2010/06/23 11:33
I have tested your latest alpha release and am pretty impressed by the fact that it is build from scratch! Your current version runs with ~70fps on high (during engine test mode) and I was wondering if rendering will get more difficult for me in the future or if there is still place for optimisations?

Notebook: Win7 64b
Intel C2D T6600, 3GB DDR3 and Nvidia GT 240M 1GB DDR3

Is this your first java game or do you have already experience regarding the executability? Well, at least it looks as if you now very well about what you are doing so far! Good Job :D

Maybe others want to post their FPS results so far - for a little comparison and overview? Would be nice!
2010/06/23 11:35
Ah, I was playing on 1366x768 btw!
2010/06/23 13:15
Thanks for the FPS results, it's good for me to have such statistics. The engine is still quite unoptimized, so while I add features I also do optimizations, so the FPS between updates is roughly the same (though I aim to make it better for lowend PCs in future).

Actually this is my first serious game attempt, I've done many experiments in years 1997-2000 (then had 5 years gap where I did nothing game related). Also did mapping for games Duke Nukem 3D, Half Life 1 and Quake 1.
2010/06/23 22:55
No problem. Actually I get even higher results without "dropping stuff from the air" and setting my energysettings to high performance: 100FPS plus minus 10 FPS - depening on the situation. Sounds good!

It already looks better than those games and you have even managed to add legs in first person view :D


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