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Forum: General Discussion: Future for the game?

2018/08/19 11:47
I'm curious about where you feel the game is headed. It's been around for a long time, and I feel it could easily be a fun underground shooter if it reaches the right audience.
2018/08/19 13:48
Yeah that's pretty much my aim, I have pretty clear vision of it, I know the concept is fun to play. I've been mostly struggling with the technical aspects of it. The game fills a niche that is very under represented even after all the years. Even if it pretty much looks like any other shooter, the various details make the game feel in a very specific way. And that attracts certain audiences.
2018/08/19 17:30
Well if you ever want to bounce ideas off of each other, I’d love to chat :) I’m a java dev too! I do a lot of graphics programming on the side.


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