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Forum: General Discussion: Few questions about multiplayer

2011/08/18 04:01
I've played an hour or two of ResForce with my brother and it is lots of fun to play. It seems like paintball to me, though I have never been in combat, thankfully. At any rate, I've got some questions related to multiplayer:

1) Where is the server located? I am assuming that there is one server somewhere that hosts all ResForce games, since my ping seems to stay around 160ms and due to the fact that . Just curious.

2) When are people playing ResForce? I've had this game for a day or two, and so far I've seen no one else on the server, besides my brother, of course. I'm not looking for statistics; I am looking for when people regularly play together, such as when the playtesters are on.
2011/12/16 03:33
1) Currently the test server is located in France.

2) There is no regular play currently, best opportunity to test it out is to either arrange play (via chat/irc) or play around the time new build is released. We sometimes playtest but that's very irregular.


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