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Forum: General Discussion: Possible source for game ideas?

Anonymous Coward?
2010/01/23 03:16
If you are looking for ideas on realistic gameplay/models etc. you may want to take a look at Infiltration for UT99'. Of course this is a little dated however this game/total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament was designed to have realistic/tactical game play not just run-n-gun and camp/snipe. Infiltration has a plethora of maps/weapon/player models and I think would be a great source of ideas for you. If you are interested check it out at http://infiltration.sentrystudios.net/ the website hasn't been updated in a long time but the forums are still active and I'm sure if you were really serious about producing an updated version or doing something with it the people would help you out with files/advice possibly even some of the original developers. Check it out though; you probably haven't seen anything like it! They still organize online matches. Hope this helps you in some way :)
Jonás Perusquía
2013/06/05 18:39
That game looks very nice, however, its just a mod :/ i think better games are those who are made from scratch or are ready to download and play, just as Resistance Force


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