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Forum: General Discussion: Damage modeling?

2010/01/22 11:15
I found your game through moddb.com and downloaded the alpha. After trying it with my mate, also a huge fan of tactical FPS games, we decided that it has potential. You must be proud of what you achieved as the engine is solid, looks good and the netcode seems sound. Just one thing is holding me back from preordering now, and that's damage modeling. You see, a lot of FPS these days prefer a simplistic approach to that matter, like healthbar and locational damage which doesn't translate into injury but rather acts as a mere multiplier, while earlier and more daring games like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (the first chapter, before GRAW) pioneered the impact of disabled limbs and the effects of a bullet striking your avatar's body. This and weapon behaviour hugely contribute to define gameplay, and to separate true tactical games from generic shooters. What kind of approach will RF have on this?
2010/01/22 12:44
The damage model in alpha version is temporary. I'll add multiple damage zones to player body soon. We'll then decide what more features will be implemented towards realism, there are options like: possible bleeding based on injury and need for bandage within some time, hurting the various abilities of player by concrete injury like ability to move fast or aim precisely.

The overall goal will be to have well mixed gameplay and realism, this means that there won't be hardcore realism as it can be very very frustrating and that's not good for a game. One very bad frustation type is being totally crippled in center of battlefield without any ability to do anything. Basically this game aims to be somewhat halfway between classical shooters and hardcore realistic shooters.

As I'm fan of games like SWAT4 there is possibility that some hardcode reality mod will be made after reasonably finishing the normal game. But I want RF to shine even on public servers tactical-wise. I'm planning some features to aid this, such as automatic team grouping, as players often split into few groups each consisting 2-3 players who are locally cooperating.
2010/01/22 19:25
carefull with bandaging and how easy it is. In dragon rising(a resent game) it is a real pain to do so and usually u just bleed out before you can limp to cover and try to get to the right equipment...


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