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Forum: General Discussion: Very Cool Game

2009/11/30 20:38
Amazing that this is just a one man show, very impressive game! I look forward to more and your retail release!

2009/11/30 20:43
P.S. perhaps add 'Ironsights' and 'Leaning' to your features list as those are very appealing features.

2009/12/01 10:15
:D yip looks verry neat i hope alot of people give it a go :D
2009/12/01 13:34
Nice one!
Although its not much jet it feels a bit like TrueCombat for Enemy Territory.

Still much to do. Gogogo :D
Renata Taiapa
2009/12/10 01:52
Yeh dis game kicks ass only if i cud get it to work >>
2009/12/22 19:21
Another feature request - add vehicles please
2009/12/22 22:45
To eross:
Vehicles are nice feature though I'm not sure how well they integrate into the game idea. Maybe there will be some vehicle for some objective mode.
2009/12/23 04:39
Agreed - nice game. It does have some more work, but it's off to a very nice start - I am a big UrT fan and this is very good work. Thank you!
2009/12/23 22:11
I'm not sure on the direction as I haven't tried the demo yet, but imo large terrain, vehicles, and close to COD style combat would make it stand out. Kind of like BF2 but with the realism.
2009/12/24 07:47
To eross:
Large terrain and stuff is not planned, the game is oriented to close combat. But you can try Red Orchestra game, it has big maps, vehicles and very realistic combat.


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