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2010/01/20 05:27
I'm quiet interested in the premise of this game, and it looks like the development is going swell too. I saw the "Pre Order" page, and I'm eager to support an independent linux game that I like, but, I see no real information about what I get from pre ordering.

Will the game soon turn into a payed-only deal? Will paying give access to special features? What is the roadmap for development? Does pre ordering give me any guarantees?

Any information of this subject would be swell, thanks. :]
2010/01/20 11:02
Currently I'm working on demo content: game features, 1 map, basic set of weapons. I expect to reasonably finish it within few months. After that I'll be working on payed content: additional maps and weapons. These will be available to preorders only.

As of guarantees, like in many other things in life there are no real guarantees on anything. I'm working on Resistance Force as my main job, though it can be considered as half-time as I have to do other things to pay the bills. I'm doing everything to make this game successful and being able to work on it full-time. The plan is to improve and support this game for years.
2010/04/29 03:08
@jezek2 what you could do is, creating an account system (at least for the forum and the blog) where someone can register. After that you can pre-purchase and you get a sign on your account that you've pre-purchased the game...
2010/04/29 11:30
Yes, that's in the plan. I postponed this because I want to get clear picture of the final registration scheme first, including authorization to master server and possible ability to not require user registration and still being able to play full version. Another thing I'm thinking about is integration of OpenID.
2010/04/29 13:55
I've read some things about this OpenID stuff, but I'm not understanding it...you get a link with that you authorize yourself against an account system...but that way everyone can take this link (maybe by trying different combinations) without having a password...seems kinda strange 2 me.

2010/04/29 16:09
Basically it allows to have one account for multiple different webs so users don't need to register on each one separately, not yet sure if I'll implement it, in any case it will be just optional thing.

The link is just for identification (and it's easily prefilled in your browser using builtin form field history which nearly all browsers have), after that you're redirected to your auth provider. Each auth provider can have it's own authorization process, can be just password and then remembering in cookie, or something quite different. The original server is then notified if the user was successfully authorized. There are also some additional data that can be automatically provided, such as e-mail.

It's not that widespreadly used, but it would be nice for those who uses it. Personally I don't use it (yet?), but seems like a good idea for me.
2011/01/05 02:40
jezek are you familiar with the Wolfire Blog? The reason why I'm asking is because with their pre-orders, the tools used for developing Overgrowth is available as well. This may generate more revenue for your development. I think this project of yours is great for java game development and I personally would like to see it succeed.

Just a thought. :)
2011/01/05 17:54
Thanks for your thought, it is one of the options. Though there are some differences, Overgrowth's engine is created to be user-friendly from start and the dev tools are integrated into the game. Whereas RF's editor is more toward "professional" tools which means not that much usable for general audience. Also the editor needs more work for a public release.
2011/01/05 17:56
Also regarding the previous OpenID discussion, it is resolved that 3rd party auth systems won't be used as they do more harm than good, and tries to solve something that's already 'solved'.
2011/02/13 17:20
Perhaps you should try getting the game on desura already, i mean look at link-dead, that game is in alpha aswell and can be bought through desura.
2011/03/17 20:11
Fuck desura, use your own Account system :(
2011/03/20 23:01
I've finally decided some time ago that no 3rd party shop (Steam, Desura, etc.) will be used in Resistance Force. It's too inflexible in terms of pricing models (I plan some nice one, I'll blog about it once I get more stuff to show) and updates. It also fragmentates communities by 'Friends' functionality. Not to mention the fee and paperwork (NDA).

And it doesn't help me at all in the most important stage, the alpha/beta versions. The Desura community is already covered by ModDB as these largery overlap anyway.
2011/12/15 16:09
so the game will not be completely free, right?

Or it will be free and extra content (maps, etc) will have to be purchased

The feeling I got it will be a commercial game?

(sorry, but could yoe tell in a simple way, my english is rather bad :,(
2011/12/16 03:27
In release version there will be time unlimited demo with single map and basic weapons.

In alpha versions everything is free except map editor.

In beta versions maps will be free, but only basic weapons.


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