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Forum: General Discussion: About visual realism

2010/01/02 17:05
It seems that you have a facinating project at hand. At least I'm going to follow the development with great interest.

How much are you going to put weight on sounds? I think realistic sounds can make a huge impact on the feel of realism. One of the things I many times miss in games is the modeling of the finite speed of sound propagation. This probably isn't very difficult to implement, but it's just so cool to see a muzzle flash in a distance and a sound playing at a slight delay. Propably in semi-indoors game this is not very noticable, though. Also muzzle sounds for different environments such as an open ground or a narrow hallway would be very nice.

I'm already impressed by the ragdoll physics and combined aim and walk animations for the player models. Hopefully we'll see more detailed animations for view weapons and player models. I have always admired the detail of animation in the game America's army, though they used motion capture and all the gizmos.

One thing that will not probably be seen in 3D games for some time is the realistic modeling of smoke effects. I noticed that you attempted to model the dynamics of clothes at some point, so maybe you like physically based modeling of effects. I'm a student of physics currently and have been studying for sparetime the physically based modeling of fluids in real-time (smoke could be seen as a fluid). Unfortunately it seems that 3D real-time simulation of realistic smoke can be an overwhelming task for current PC:s. Maybe some innovations with GPU can shed some hope. I was just thinking of how cool it would be to have this kind of realistic effects in your game.
2010/01/02 18:19
Yeah some better sound handling is planned (like simulating obscuring of sounds by walls), but it's lower priority than other things. I actually plan to have physically simulated smoke, though just as an rough approximation, in a game there is usually not much room for such effects from performance point of view.


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