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New alpha version available (build #17) (2012/12/08)

New version is available, adding dynamic shadows to point lights, weapon recoil, updates to Central map and other improvements and bug fixes.

We now also have the ability to download custom content when joining a server, and there is already one community map available by Leiche. You can test it by joining the community server and using map vote to choose the map.

Build #17 2012/12/08 (public alpha):
- Added dynamic shadows to point lights
- Fixed garbled texturing of some polygons on player model
- Improved dynamic weapon movement
- Added weapon recoil
- Adjusted weapon fire positions
- Slowed down fire rate for SMG weapon
- Added server configuration file
- Added support for downloading custom maps when connecting to server
- Lowered volume of footsteps when walking crouched or aimed
- Added displaying of player name who killed you
- Fixed loading of controls from config file
- Updated Central map


1. keen (2012/12/24 02:14)
Nice but in linux "jump" command don't work :-s

2. Jonás Perusquía (2013/06/05 18:34)
Nice! i just found this game and looks very good, do you still develop it? :) nice work!

3. Jack (2015/06/06 10:25)
Nice update by are you still working on this game, it would be sad if you have stopped working on this game because it has so much potential

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