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New alpha version available (build #14) (2010/06/11)

New version is available, most work went into adding major features into the engine (static meshes, composite texture, material system, normalmaps) and optimizations. On the game side the current map was enhanced, initial set of detail meshes was added and there is a new gun available.

This release is another big milestone in development of Resistance Force, as the engine is now capable of all basic stuff needed to create content. The focus is already shifting from engine, tools and game programming to content creation, thus accelerating the speed of development of Resistance Force.

Previously the engine didn't support static meshes at all, which was very limiting. Composite texture allows detailed texturing of large areas (terrains), material system and normalmaps allow good visual effects and most importantly it allows to use much lower number of polygons in models while retaining high quality.

Build #14 2010/06/11 (public alpha):
- Renderer optimizations (with shadows disabled)
- Fixed problem with rapidly decreasing FPS with more players
- Added support for static meshes
- Added support for composite texture
- Added material system
- Added support for normalmaps
- Added tips
- Enhanced map
- Added some detail models to map
- Improved chat dialog
- Team chat is now more apparent
- Improved collision detection for objects with higher velocity
- Increased grenade explosion delay from 2.5s to 3.75s
- Increased bomb explosion delay from 30s to 40s
- Added selection of textures quality
- Added new weapon
- Improved bomb defusing


1. Silverfish (2010/06/11 23:17)
That is nice, going to download this right away and check out how sweet it is.

2. Crash (2010/06/12 16:47)
when this will be available for download?

3. jezek2 (2010/06/12 16:56)
You can download it in download section. If you already have previous version, just run it, it will be automatically updated.

4. Unicornkill (2010/06/12 20:07)
looks great!
You might want to add extra grass/concrete textures to break the monotone... You've got the best technology to avoid repetition..

Models look great! nice shine. The car looks a bit... odd though :D What kind is it?

5. vi$ion (2010/07/27 14:02)
Nice. Gonna try this today

6. SWAT (2010/08/18 21:23)
Pity, no one is online ...

7. Sabun (2010/09/16 03:30)
I've downloaded this latest release, but every time it goes to update it gives me a "wrong checksum" error after going a quarter of the way. I'm currently on Ubuntu 10.04, how would I solve this issue? Itching to test the new stuff :)

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