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New alpha version available (build #13) (2010/01/01)

New version is available: it brings explosive grenades to the arsenal among with many bug fixes and small features. There is no need to manually apply this update, just run the game and it will be auto-downloaded.

Hopefully this version will also fix problem with players testing the game, but each one coming at different time to the server. So many people couldn't test the game. The solution is in defining certain hours so players can gather easier. I've defined 16:00 and 20:00 CET, you can also try to join server at beginning of each hour. This is also presented directly in the game when no one is on the server.

Build #13 2010/01/01 (public alpha):
- Fixed crashing on some video cards
- Disabled initialization of display/sound in dedicated server
- Fixed crashing of server when bad packet arrives
- Shortened prepare time from 12 to 8 seconds
- Added better logging of player connects/renames/disconnects
- Fixed footstep sounds for other players
- Added notification of team change
- Added support for colors in message list
- Added team chat
- Added ability to move just by tiny amount when short tapping the movement keys
- Added invert mouse option
- Added vsync and FPS limiter options
- Fixed occasional death when falling from top of stairs
- Added unlimited number of magazines to engine test
- Added explosive grenades
- Bomb explosion now causes death
- Added notice when no people are playing
- Added ability to start running from crouching, also fixed crouch toggle


1. Silverfish (2010/01/02 04:15)
This has to be checked out this instant!

2. blender (2010/01/02 16:41)
Seemed to work like a charm. Playability is very good (also low network latency). This test map is quite ok, but maybe a map with more complexity would really make this game shine. Did I understand correctly from the blog that you are using portal/sector scheme for visibility determination? The dynamic player shadows that seamlessly blend into lightmaps really has a nice tactical impact.

3. jezek2 (2010/01/02 17:02)
Yeah, I'll now focus on map enhancements among with optimizations. Yes, it's using sort of portal/sector scheme, but just roughly, for quite big areas unlike classical portal/sector where every room is own sector. It has advantage of being much more GPU friendly. In the current alpha version it's not even used as the level is very small.

4. Uncle Bionic (2010/01/03 02:15)
Wow! An update!

5. Dionos (2010/01/03 23:44)
Nice game. I definitely appreciate you effort to create a realistic shooter.

You did the ragdoll physics very well. They move in a realistic fashion. Fun to "play" with them in interactive mode. You should really make a game out of that :)

Good luck with the development.

6. NoiR# (2010/01/04 00:02)
looks very good, the shadow is also very nice but i think the player models should wear some helmets or caps.

7. semoir (2010/01/05 21:25)
get an x86_64 version going plx!

8. alexelprogramador (2010/01/24 03:55)
thanks for your job

Ill try it :)

9. Adriano ML (2010/02/18 09:07)
You really need more people helping in the development. Will there be any map editor released in the future?

10. Unicornkill (2010/04/06 23:35)
he will release a map editor when he feels the game is in a far enough stadium
I'm already waiting for it :p

11. Commentor (2010/05/16 17:50)
what rifles/SMGs do you plan to release in the next build(s)?

12. jezek2 (2010/06/02 12:21)
There will be MP5 in the next build. It will be hopefully released very soon, just few details are missing.

What weapons will be present in the final version is largely undecided at this moment. There will be shotgun(s), some rifles and SMGs. Less number from start, more variations of the same weapons. Snipers won't be most likely available, instead there will be semi-zoom option for normal weapons to allow sniper-like operation. Real snipers would be quite unrealistic considering the close combat nature of the game.

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