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20180919-210142 (2018/09/19)

The work on modeller is going well. There was a lot of "invisible" work, like various fixes for geometry processing and proper handling of float inaccuracies in the clipping code. I haven't found any formulas for spheres when using 3D Bézier surfaces so had to iteratively find a good approximation. Apparently everyone doing 3D just uses NURBS surfaces instead, these are more complex, both to the user and the computer. Something that I want to avoid.

Using Bézier curves is pretty easy in 2D case, there are few simple rules to make the curves always smooth. In 3D it's more complicated, especially when you can stitch different patches together or parts of itself (like is the case with the sphere) creating more complex topologies. But I have figured out how to handle it with a simple constraint system.

Also designed how the texturing will work, again in 3D everything is more complicated. But have figured out all the necessary steps to make it work in a straigthforward way for both the user and the computer. The surface patches are providing nice automatic UVs. However the texels are non-linearly spaced in regard to 3D positions. I'm incorporating this into the internal workflow, basically using a very high resolution texture for storage and make the various paint tools to work with this non-linearity.

This texture handling will use own "database" approach to it, including on-disk cache for texture tiles to allow editing arbitrary sized textures. All the textures multiplied with multiple layers and different "channels" (albedo, heightmap, transparency and specular) will require to work with a lot of data. This is pretty much the same setup as in graphics editors such as GIMP.

The internal textures will be then rendered into desired levels of details. This applies also to the modeller usage, where you will just see some lower resolution view of the internal textures, but still editing at the full resolution (similar to zoom function in graphics editors).


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